The world is not getting smaller

The world is not getting smaller

Why Fintech, NEO Banks and Crypto is so popular right now?
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In my lifetime the world population has doubled from 4 Billion to almost 8 billion people.


We now have less banks servicing (poorly) more people. Back 40 years ago not everybody had a bank account but now in a cashless world we need Banking as an essential service.


But… Banks today close more bank accounts of people then ever before. If you have a job they don’t like, industry they don’t like, or you simply make investments they don’t like, you're out.


How can an essential service provider do this? And with less Banks in the world today due to mergers back in the 80’s and 90’s we are left with fewer choices.


This is why we need Fintech like Confidia and new choices to support the un-banked and the people not happy with the current options available. If you ask why Bitcoin and other Crypto is growing, this is why. If you question why NEO Banks are growing faster than the big Banks, this is likely why.


There is no such thing as “One Size Fits all” when it comes to finance and banking. As such we need to rethink the old school thoughts of banking and finance.


Confidia is finding new online solutions that work in a new streamlined and improved way.


Mr Cameron McKean

CEO - Confidia 

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