Switzerland the home of Private Banking now the home of exciting Fintech companies such as Confidia AG.
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Private banking services in Switzerland stand for services of high quality, extremely qualified bankers with international experience and a long-standing tradition of managing considerable wealth.

The quality of Swiss bankers is beyond any doubt. The majority of Swiss bankers are educated as private bankers through a specific financial educational program. Bankers moving up in the management of a Swiss private bank have abundant education possibilities with institutions such as the Swiss Financial Institute, which goal it is to provide financial and private banking education of the highest international level. In addition, Switzerland has a centuries-long tradition as a banking center, allowing banking experience and expertise to pass from generation to generation within the banks - a unique advantage over upcoming financial centers.

Confidia Asset Management is among the new up and coming asset management groups standing along side the established institutions bringing banking well and truly into the 21st century.

Confidia AG announced in December 2019 that they have acquired HowToPay.

HowToPay will operate as part of Confidia and be able to offer far greater payment and money transfer solutions as a European Regulated Financial Services Provider.

HowToPay.com is now able to offer local check payments as well as new solutions such as the recently launched cashless payment app as an additional option for clients.


For more information about Swiss Banking see this video: https://youtu.be/-627kxtzyak  



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