Partner with Confidia for growth

Partner with Confidia for growth

Confidia Looking for new Fintech partners
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Confidia AG (Zug) Switzerland was established in 1971 making it 50 years old this year. 


In the last 18 months Confidia has successfully acquired a number of brands and other Payment and Billing solutions that are continuing to expand globally. 


Partnerships have proven to be a way that Confidia has been able to expand rapidly despite the issues caused by the global Covid-19 Pandemic. Partnerships are also one way to support our customers with their needs even better.


Currently Confidia operates in the following countries:


  1. Switzerland 

  2. Spain 

  3. United Kingdom 

  4. Australia 

  5. Thailand 

  6. United States 


With over 1.8 million customers using the solutions provided directly and indirectly by Confidia we seek new partners looking that can either offer local payment and Banking solutions in countries not already covered or better solutions. 


What makes the Fintech industry so great and has driven its fast growth in the last few years is its ability to think differently about the future. By forging partnerships that can be mutually rewarding. 


Confidia is currently looking for local payment solutions in the following countries: 


  • Asia, India, Japan, Hong Kong etc. 

  • Europe Local payment solutions online and in person. 

  • Canada and USA solutions for payments. 

  • New Zealand and Pacific Islands. (APEC).


We are keen to partner with other Fintech providers including but not limited to Exchanges and Digital Wallet providers. By partnering with PSP and or Digital Wallet providers we believe we can bring onramp payment solutions and access to new markets. 


Please feel free to contact Cameron McKean (Founder CEO) at [email protected] should you be interested in discussing the above or any other suggestions. 


Feel free to connect via Linkedin:

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