Confidia AG a Swiss based entity has turned its sights to Thailand and looks to take advantage of the economic downturn in Thailand to purchase a number of Technology companies in the country as part of its investment strategy it was announced today.
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With established entities in major financial hubs worldwide this was seen as a major step forward in its expansion plans.

Offices in the USA and Australia are well established as well as in the banking centers of Europe, Confidia AG and its subsidiary HowToPay headed by Mr Cameron McKean show no signs of slowing down despite the bleak economic outlook being peddled by major broadsheets.

With deep pockets from its highly successful business operations in Europe and America it has turned its focus on Thailand as the home for its new Asia Pacific operations it seems.

“It’s a relatively untapped market which is crying out for a safe, secure and reliable alternatives to what is currently offer” a company spokesman was quoted as saying.

With recent expansion into the American market and the recent BOI Government Sponsorship to expand into the Thailand market with Fintech solutions (Payments and investments) Confidia hope to bring new innovative options to the South East Asian region.

The BOI board has endorsed Confidia Thailand as a BOI partner to promote investment in the country

BOI (Board of Investment) Law, is a promotional policy created in 1954 when the government announced their Industrial Promotion Act. The government started actively subsidizing and promoting incentives for foreign businesses willing to open and operate in the Kingdom of Thailand. Through the Board of Investment law, the government guarantees not to interfere or nationalize foreign businesses. Thailand was the first country in this region to have such an investment law.

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