HowToPay in the USA proves that check payments are still going strong and popular with and ageing population.
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Who said checks were dead? HowToPay hasn’t!

With an ageing population in the USA a lot of seniors are hesitant to embrace new streamlined payment methods, they are unfamiliar with how these ‘new fangled’ systems work and have a skepticism, a check book for these folks is easy to balance and is familiar, they can keep tabs on spending and bills in a format which is both easy to understand and comfortable for them to use.

HowToPay recognizes that in todays world we must cater to everyone, their needs and wants have to be catered for which is why HowToPay accepts check payments via its secure systems

There were 18.3 billion paper checks paid in 2019, and checks accounted for 15 percent of noncash payments that year, according to the Federal Reserve. Plenty of consumers still rely on checks for day-to-day transactions, and many businesses accept cash or check only.

Checks continue to serve a function because no payment system is perfect for every scenario, says David Walker, president and CEO of the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization, or ECCHO, in Dallas, with this in mind HowToPay will continue to expand its USA business offering with check payments as an option.

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