HowToPay cashless Mobile apps look to go global.
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Using your phone to make payments is becoming increasingly common as a payment method. When you install a mobile payment app such as the one offered via HowToPay on your phone you no longer need to carry cash or a credit card to buy something on a whim.

HowToPay are leading the way in the global market with this new technology

Across Europe, where HowToPay has a strong presence, contactless payment is widespread and will continue to grow. However, this payment method still has a way to go before it is commonplace in the USA.

With these apps, consumers link their credit and debit cards to their app of choice. When it comes time to pay, they hold up their phone to the NFC terminal, which makes an instant payment. This is a lot faster than payment via a traditional credit card, which can take 15-20 seconds to process.

JP Morgan conducted a survey and found that only 16% of US consumers had completed a payment with a digital wallet transaction. But there is good news too: the research company Forrester reports that by 2021, mobile payments will triple in the USA, reaching up to $282 billion in annual sales, HowToPay sees this trend and is at the forefront with this as an offering putting its clients ahead of the game.

Mobile payments such as the one HowToPay provides also gives increased security for merchants and consumers alike.

Many devices have their own level of security further enhancing this product making it appealing to the global marketplace.

More importantly, digital wallet users do not expose their cards to scammers, which can steal credit card information. This sort of information is stored in their phones instead.

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