Confidia AG has announced that they have acquired HowToPay.
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Confidia AG has announced that they have acquired HowToPay. The purchase took place on 1st December 2019. HowToPay will operate as part of Confidia and be able to offer far greater payment and money transfer solutions as a European Regulated Financial Services Provider.

HowToPay.com is now able to offer local check payments as well as new solutions such as the recently launched cashless payment app as an additional option for clients. Our small-scale tests for these options have been very well received and popular amongst clients making payments. Cheque and Money order Payments are still very Popular in Australia, USA and European countries, HowToPay recognizes this and with retain its check payment option to enable business to attain maximum exposure to the post COVID marketplace.

HowToPay Asia Pacific operations will continue as normal and will soon be expanded, adding to its strong presence in Australia and Thailand.

A new representative office recently opened in the USA soon to be followed by branches opening in 20 other countries allowing for us to have local presence and accept local payments as well as over 50 other local payment options all around the world. Our Development team are working on integrations to other European Banks and service providers in order to offer a new wide range of payment solutions that are local market centric.

For more information on Confida AG, please visit See www.confidia.ch

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