Confidia to expand HowToPay to more than 20 countries in the world.
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Since the global financial crisis of 2008, Global digital payment system user base is on the increase, since these solutions are designed to put consumers back in control of the flow of money. Consequently, it is witnessing a surge since the outbreak of the coronavirus that brought every physical business to a halt for months. However, People are already adapting to the quick access, security, and guarantee these payment solutions offer. One of such Global payment solutions changing the way we use money is HowToPay.

HowToPay provides reliable, easy to use, and secure payment and billing solutions. That assists merchants to identify clients for KYC before connecting them to localized payment and billing solutions. HowToPay has been assisting Small Businesses to access Secure online and offline payments, billing, and invoicing solutions since 2002 in partnership with several Banks.

HowToPay is on the move to expand since its acquisition by Confidia in December of 2019. Confidia is an financial service firm that makes well-timed investment decisions on behalf of businesses and clients to grow their financial portfolio.

HowToPay would also be expanding to over 20 other countries, including America, Europe and Asia Pacific, where they already have a running operation. They are also integrating a variety of new payment solutions to their protocol, allowing more than 50 local payment solutions around the world. This move would benefit countries yet to be exposed to the benefits of digital payments, and other fintech solutions.

Remember, when you are looking for a system of safe and easy international payment, HowToPay will show you how to pay.

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