Confidia investing THB 100’000’000 in Thailand in 2020 under BOI
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Confidia is proud to announce it is investing in its operations in Thailand in 2020 under BOI

BOI (Board of Investment) Law, is a promotional policy created in 1954 when the government announced their Industrial Promotion Act. The government started actively subsidizing and promoting incentives for foreign businesses such as Confidia and its subsidiary HowToPay an online payment provider to operate in the Kingdom of Thailand. Through the Board of Investment law, the government guarantees not to interfere or nationalize foreign businesses. Thailand was the first country in this region to have such an investment law.

The capital investment requirement of each project is 1 million THB as a minimum (excluding cost of land and working capital) unless specified otherwise on the list of activities. As for knowledge-based services, the minimum capital investment required is based on the minimum annual salaries expense specified in the list of activities eligible for investment promotion.

Confidia and HowToPay are continuing to expand its operation in the region and see Thailand as an excellent place to base its South East Asia operation, Confidia and HowToPay employ locally where possible and have a growing workforce in Thailand adding value to the economy and affording training and expertise to its ever increasing workforce a plan which has been backed up by the Thailand Board of Investment.

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